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Alicia Hicks
Chamber President
Tri-County Loop

Blaine Bradshaw
Chamber Vice President
Bradshaw Law Firm

Leslie de Santiago
Chamber Secretary
Frosty Freeze

Ronni Luoma
Chamber Treasurer
Granite Mountain Bank, Inc.

Town of Drummond
PO Box 195
Drummond MT 59832
Fax: 406-288-3104
Town of Drummond Website

Drummond Chamber
of Commerce
PO Box 364
Drummond, MT 59832

Cara Seekell
Website Development
PO Box 214
Hall, MT 59837



  • Welcome To Drummond Welcome To Drummond As you enter the friendly, rustic little town of Drummond, Montana you are greeted by this sign designed by one of our locals. Cattle ranching is vital to this area, and Drummond's location near the railroad tracks resulted in the appropriate town motto of "World Famous Bullshippers".
  • Drummond Water Tower Drummond Water Tower The Drummond water tower proudly sports our high school mascot, the Drummond Trojan. Drummond High School athletic events provide entertainment for the community throughout the school year. Our community is very proud and supportive of our Trojans, who have several state championships to their credit.
  • The Flint Creek Valley The Flint Creek Valley The Flint Creek Valley is a beautiful place. Drive the Pintler Scenic Loop, a 63 mile drive that takes you from Drummond to Anaconda. As an alternate route to I-90, the road follows Flint Creek as it takes you by snow capped mountains, sage covered hills, pristine lakes and open meadows.
  • Train Near Drummond, MT Train Near Drummond, MT The railroad that follows the Clark Fork River parallel to Drummond brings many a train through our scenic little town. Once upon a time the railroad was vital to the cattle industry, the primary enterprise in this area.
  • Drummond Frontage Road Drummond Frontage Road A view of the beautiful scenery you will find driving the frontage road West of Drummond. This drive will take you along parts of the beautiful Clark Fork River and is a lovely alternate route to I-90.
  • Flint Creek and the Pintler Mountains Flint Creek and the Pintler Mountains Flint Creek is well known for it's fantastic fishing and pristine beauty. The view of the Pintler Mountains is breathtaking with it's majestic snowcapped peaks.
  • Cows Along Flint Creek Cows Along Flint Creek Ahhh, it's a cow's life! The Flint Creek Valley is an agricultural area. It is not unusual to see cows lounging next to Flint Creek while flyfisherman attempt to catch a trout or two in their midst!
  • Wintertime in Drummond Wintertime in Drummond Winter in Drummond can be a snowy affair. Lucky for us, we are a short distance from excellent skiing at Discovery Ski Basin. These cows don't seem to mind the snow, they will be well fed by one of our local ranchers!

Drummond, Montana

Is a working agricultural area located adjacent to I-90. The trip down the off-ramp takes you to a place of traditional values where you are immersed in a captivating, authentic western community.

The traveler is permitted a glimpse of unadorned and unstaged life in a ranching region. The “World Famous Bullshippers” here are honest, hard working and friendly.

A typical excursion down Front Street could include a 4th of July Kiddies Parade or encounters with ranchers discussing the weather, hay crops or calving. You might see cattle being driven through town to market or pasture or there may be no traffic at all.

Driving past Drummond on I-90 during a Friday night in the Fall you may see the lights of the football field off to the north of the interstate as our Drummond Trojans battle with another local C School for the win.